Vacancy Announcement Number1505
Date of Issue30/01/2017
Deadline for Applications19/02/2017
Organizational UnitEast & Southern Africa Div.
Duty StationKAMPALA
Duration of Assignment2 years

Organizational context




The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is an international financial institution and a specialized United Nations agency dedicated to eradicating rural poverty and hunger. It does so by investing in rural people. IFAD finances programmes and projects that increase agricultural productivity and raise rural incomes, and  advocates at the local, national and international level for policies that contribute to rural transformation.

Post's organizational accountability

Under the overall strategic, policy, management guidance and direct supervision of the IFAD Country Programme Manager (CPM) of Uganda Country Office, the Small and Medium Agribusiness Development Fund (SMADF) Finance Analyst ensures an effective supervision of the European Union (EU) financing for the (SMADF), including both the capital investment (Component 2) and the Business Development Services (BDS) support (Component 3). This implies comprehensive fiduciary supervision of the EU financing as per IFAD rules and procedures and in agreement with the Contribution Agreement signed between IFAD and the EU. The SMADF-Finance Analyst will support IFAD financial management and procurement, accounting and reporting functions of those SMADF activities that are in IFAD’s mandate, based on the Contribution Agreement signed between IFAD and the EU.

Key results expected / Major functional activities

1.         FINANCE BUSINESS PARTNER: The SMADF-Finance Analyst is a credible, trusted partner to the Uganda Country Office where assigned. S/He supports IFAD’s finance strategy and plans and is committed to financial integrity and acts as a responsive and constructive service provider with a focus on results.

The SMADF-Finance Analyst provides verbal and written advice and guidance to the supervisor and staff on finance regulations, rules and procedures. S/He facilitates a mutual understanding of roles and fiduciary accountabilities in support of the integrity in the management of IFAD's and EU's financial resources functions of those SMADF activities that are in IFAD’s mandate.

The SMADF-Finance Analyst’s focus is on building her/his knowledge base of IFAD's governing structure, mandate, long-term business strategy, organizational dynamics and culture.


  • Ensure overall compliance of relevant financial management and procurement processes of the BDS Operations Manual
  • Review the soundness of the BDS disbursement projections, as prepared by the Business Development Services Management Company (BDSMC), based on the targets/planned work programme of the Fund Manager of the SMADF, to be submitted to IFAD on a quarterly basis.
  • Review the BDSMC quarterly progress financial report to the CPM on actual disbursements vs budgeted costs of annual work plans and budgets and payments processed of the EU financing for the SMADF, including both the capital investment (Component 2) and the BDS support (component 3).
  • Maintain an updated register of BDS commitments in the form of signed matching grant agreements vs available funds.
  • For each approved grant agreement, maintain a grant monitoring form which keeps track of disbursement related milestones as per matching grant agreements.
  • Review the reasonableness, completeness and accuracy of claims submitted by investee companies before the CPM signs off the payments to be processed by IFAD Accounting & Controller’s Division (ACD).
  • Provide support in maintaining accurate and regular records and accounts, including but not limited to financial accounting, disbursement and payment processing and shall retain and adequately store such records and documents.
  • Perform steps in the PeopleSoft system such as data entry and processing of transactions.
  • Maintain a simple off the shelf accounting package, posting all the project transactions with a clear audit trail to the underlying supporting documentation.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable EU requirements (e.g. reporting, document archiving,  the preparation of transaction listings, etc)
  • Quarterly reconcile the local accounting system to IFAD records.
  • Prepare financial documentation and provide support to CPM and for the financial reporting on SMADF operations and overall performance.
  • Support IFAD supervision missions in covering the SMADF fiduciary aspects.
  • Provide support to IFAD Financial Management Division (FMD) and Accounting and Controller's Division (ACD)  to prepare requests to the EU for fund releases, as per the agreed tranches in the contribution agreement, ensuring to include the required supporting documents.
  • Support IFAD external and internal audit process.
  • Lead good governance initiatives including the promulgation of IFAD’s anti-corruption policy and confidential hotline.
  • Carry out any other SMADF-related tasks as requested by the CPM.


3.         COUNTRY OFFICE SUPPORT: The SMADF-Finance Analyst is accountable for day-to-day administration and reporting in support of the CPM of the Uganda Country Office and for supervision of the assigned Country Programme Assistant of those SMADF activities that are in IFAD’s mandate.


4.     MANAGERIAL FUNCTIONS: Liaise and proactively co-operate with the Finance and Procurement units of the BDSMC and the representatives of the Fund Manager of the SMADF for all finance related areas. Is accountable for integrity, transparency, and equity in the personal use of assigned IFAD and SMADF resources, including equipment, supplies and, as applicable, staff supervised.

Impact of Key results / Key performance indicators

With respect to the management of the BDS support of SMADF, the SMADF-Finance Analyst will support IFAD in the financial management and procurement functions of those SMADF activities that are in IFAD’s mandate. S/He will also support IFAD supervision missions, covering the fiduciary aspect of the project. This requires skill in building constructive, effective relationships which entails liaising and proactively co-operating with the Finance and Procurement units of the Business Development Services Management Company and the representatives of the Fund Manager in all SMADF-related activities. S/He shall have due regard to economy and efficiency and to the need to uphold the highest standards of integrity, including the prevention of fraud and corruption and shall preserve the confidentiality of any document, information or other material directly related to her/his functions. S/He shall take all necessary precautions to avoid conflicts of interests and shall inform IFAD without delay of any situation constituting or likely to lead to any such conflict.

Representation / Work relationships

The work relationships of the SMADF-Finance Analyst involves both written and verbal communications to obtain and provide information regarding decisions on specific cases or to explain why an action has been taken or to obtain information needed to take decisions or support further financial processes. Internal IFAD contacts extend to supervisors and staff throughout IFAD to promote understanding of finance regulations, rules and/or procedures pertaining mainly to routine finance matters within his/her area of assignment.



  • Demonstrating Leadership: Personal leadership and attitude to change

  • Learning, sharing knowledge and innovating: Continuously seeks to learn, shares knowledge and innovates

  • Focusing on clients: Focuses on clients

  • Problem solving and decision making: Demonstrates sound problem solving and decision making ability

  • Managing time, resources and information: Manages own time, information and resources effectively

  • Team Work: Contributes effectively to the team

  • Communicating and negotiating: Communicates effectively: creates understanding between self and others

  • Building relationships and partnerships: Builds and maintains effective working relationships


  • Sound knowledge of the principles and concepts of financial management including accounting, financial instruments, and industry practices and international recognized accounting principles.

  • Ability to identify issues, formulate opinions and make conclusions and recommendations.

  • Analytical and organizational skills.

  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively in a diverse organization tailoring language, tone, style and format to match audience.

  • Excellent knowledge of PeopleSoft  and other information technology systems and tools.

  • Ability to empathize with client managers, supervisors and staff while maintaining the integrity of financial resources,  implementing internal controls and ensuring consistent and accountable application of promulgated financial regulations and rules.

Minimum recruitment qualifications


Advanced university degree from an accredited institution in accounting, finance, business administration or other job related field.


At least two (2) years of professional experience in accounting, financial management, budget analysis or management analysis in private or public sector, preferably in development partners financed projects.

Language requirements:

Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and local language.

Other information

Applicants should note that IFAD staff members are international civil servants subject to the authority of the President of IFAD, and they may be assigned by him/her to any of the activities of IFAD, including field assignments and/or rotation within IFAD.

The selected candidate will be awarded fixed-term appointment funded against the Programme funding.   The initial offer will be for a period of two years.  The appointment is conditional to the availability of the resources mentioned above, and may be extended for further period of time. The appointment will expire after the funds are exhausted and carries no expectation of renewal, continuous employment or conversion to any other type of appointment with IFAD.

In the interest of making most cost effective use of funds and resources, we are only able to respond to applicants who are short-listed for interview. Candidates who do not receive any feedback within three months should consider their application unsuccessful

Candidates may be required to take a written test and to deliver a presentation as well as participate in interviews.

Candidates may be required to take a written test and to deliver a presentation as well as participate in interviews.

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